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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Okay, I have to say it.  I love these new mason jars from Zazzle.  I can think of so many fun ways to turn these into cheap bridal party gifts with a unique twist for every bridal party member.  For your bridesmaids, you can fill them up with chocolate or for the bridesmaid that loves flowers you can plant a pretty african violet or any other inexpensive flower or you can put some chocolate chip cookie recipe ingredients inside and seal the top.  For your flower girl or ring bearer, you can fill it will toys and / or candy. For your groomsmen, you can put a small gift card inside.  For Mom and Dad you could slip a small handwritten note inside.  Just a fun way to say thank you!
Cheap Bridal Party Gifts Mason Jar
Cheap Bridal Party Gifts Mason Jar by henishouseofpaper
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

National Nurse Practitioner Week

Okay, this may seem like a strange thing for me to blog about, but today I am going to talk about National Nurse Practitioner Week.  For a long time, I did not know nurse practitioners existed.  Then one came along in the form of a helper for my Mom and I when Mom went to the neurologist.  I grew to like her after regular visits and I grew a respect for the profession.

In time, my daughter told me that she wanted to be a Nurse Practitioner.  She carried this dream for awhile, but like many other young people has moved on to another idea for a career.  But I have never moved away from having respect and appreciation for the nurse practitioner.

Since Nurse Practitioner Week will be coming soon, I decided to create a greeting card to honor this wonderful profession.  The Nurse Practitioners of the world are the unsung heroes who do so much for people and so often go unnoticed.

Happy Nurse Practitioner Week to all with appreciation!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sympathy Thank You

I'm feeling a little strange lately.  The 1st anniversary of Mom's death will be here in just a few days.  I always wonder how it is that time flies so quickly.  This past year has truly been a whirlwind event.

This approaching anniversary reminds me of others who have experienced losses and how it is such an incredibly difficult time in one's life when you lose a loved one.

 I can't help but be reminded of my sympathy thank you store at this time which caters to those who have lost a loved one.  I've been feeling a little sad about this store lately too, because there are so many people who are copying my format and I don't want to lose my sense of purpose.

 I created my sympathy thank you store as a labor of love because I wanted to do something for people who had lost a loved one.   I don't crank out tons of designs because I don't have time and because I just don't want to create a store like that -- for me all my designs are about the heart.  I want to create heartfelt designs for people when their hearts are at a low point.  I create each design myself and all the words on designs come from my heart.  For me it is about doing something which gives purpose to my life.

So at this anniversary time I am hoping purpose will be restored for me and I will continue to create designs that the customers will appreciate at this difficult time in their lives.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Change of Address Moving Christmas Cards

I love designing change of address cards, especially around Christmas, as these cards no longer are just change of address cards, but they become change of address Christmas cards. This is a fabulous way to let friends and family know all the details of your new address and send a holiday card at the same time.

One of my favorite change of address Christmas cards is this design which is new for 2013 and combines bright colors with a great Chalkboard look and rounded corners on a flat card.

If you are looking for a folded card here are some fun choices:
Lastly, I have a couple where you can show off your beautiful new home too:

to do list

Are you like me and love to make to do lists?  I just don't know where I would be without my to do lists so when Zazzle introduced the pocket journal with checklist pages my mind immediately went to -- "these would make great to do list journals."  This is how my collection of to do list journals was born.  Here are a few I think you will like:





I am delighted to supply fellow to do list lovers with these great pocket journals.  I have already ordered one and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Memorial Christmas Ornaments

I really enjoy creating products for those experiencing loss. I have experienced a great deal of loss in my life and these customers have a special place in my heart. In an effort to expand my Sympathy Thank You Store, I have added memorial Christmas ornaments this holiday season. Here are some of my new memorial Christmas ornaments.

It is truly a pleasure to create products customers will cherish forever.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dog Memorial

Today I write from the heart about my beloved dog who passed away this February.  It is amazing how much we mourn the loss of our beloved pets and my Cricket was such a beloved pet.

I met Cricket by accident.  You see we were planning to get a puppy, but when we asked a breeder if she had any puppies, she sent this picture of a dog named Cricket.  Cricket was being retired from breeding after three years and needed a home.  For some reason, I felt an immediate attachment to Cricket and kept his picture by my bedside until he came home.  The evening of his arrival he threw his body into mine and I knew we had both found a friend.

Cricket arrived just a few days before 911.  He saw me through many hard times in my life and I grew to love him just as much as I knew I would the day I first saw his picture.  He loved a good back massage and being close to me.  I still marvel at how he could put his head on my stomach and make all my worries disappear.  It was like he possessed a special power.  The power to comfort me.  I felt like he carried me for years and in the end I carried him.  I was able to give back to him what he had given to me.

The last few months were especially hard knowing he would not be with me much longer.  It was so hard to see him become a shadow of what he once was.  The night before he died, I sat with him for a long time and it was like the old days and the new days combined--I could feel his love and comfort and I believe he could feel my love and comfort too.  It was no longer him carrying me as it was in the old days or me carrying him as it had been for many months, it was a beautiful sharing that went between us.  Right before going to bed I told him "it was okay, if he had to go." The next day he died.

It's been months, but as I write it seems like yesterday.  I miss him very much.

In his honor, I created a pet dog memorial Christmas ornament.  It only seemed right to create one in his memory.  This is the most heartfelt thing I have ever created.

Here is the reverse side of the ornament

I hope it brings comfort to others who have lost a pet to have an ornament in their honor on the tree. I know it will comfort me.