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Thursday, March 1, 2012

T shirt with Kindness Saying

Today seemed like any other day when all of a sudden these words popped into my head, "Kindness Multiplies...Anger Divides". How many times have I seen this in action. For example, you are driving along the road and someone honks his horn angrily and then you end up having a bad day and for some reason you don't seem to get along well with others either. On the other hand, a smile from a stranger turns into another smile to another stranger and all of a sudden you have touched multiple lives indirectly with just one smile. The world is funny like this we can give to it or we can take from it, the choice is ours.

Well, I didn't want to keep the kindness to myself, so I made a kindness saying t shirt. On the front, it says, "Kindness Multiplies...Anger Divides" and on the back the t shirt saying is "Be the Kindness" and a smiley face appears above the kindness.

So today I challenge each of you to Be the Kindness.

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