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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dog Memorial

Today I write from the heart about my beloved dog who passed away this February.  It is amazing how much we mourn the loss of our beloved pets and my Cricket was such a beloved pet.

I met Cricket by accident.  You see we were planning to get a puppy, but when we asked a breeder if she had any puppies, she sent this picture of a dog named Cricket.  Cricket was being retired from breeding after three years and needed a home.  For some reason, I felt an immediate attachment to Cricket and kept his picture by my bedside until he came home.  The evening of his arrival he threw his body into mine and I knew we had both found a friend.

Cricket arrived just a few days before 911.  He saw me through many hard times in my life and I grew to love him just as much as I knew I would the day I first saw his picture.  He loved a good back massage and being close to me.  I still marvel at how he could put his head on my stomach and make all my worries disappear.  It was like he possessed a special power.  The power to comfort me.  I felt like he carried me for years and in the end I carried him.  I was able to give back to him what he had given to me.

The last few months were especially hard knowing he would not be with me much longer.  It was so hard to see him become a shadow of what he once was.  The night before he died, I sat with him for a long time and it was like the old days and the new days combined--I could feel his love and comfort and I believe he could feel my love and comfort too.  It was no longer him carrying me as it was in the old days or me carrying him as it had been for many months, it was a beautiful sharing that went between us.  Right before going to bed I told him "it was okay, if he had to go." The next day he died.

It's been months, but as I write it seems like yesterday.  I miss him very much.

In his honor, I created a pet dog memorial Christmas ornament.  It only seemed right to create one in his memory.  This is the most heartfelt thing I have ever created.

Here is the reverse side of the ornament

I hope it brings comfort to others who have lost a pet to have an ornament in their honor on the tree. I know it will comfort me.

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