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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sympathy Thank You

I'm feeling a little strange lately.  The 1st anniversary of Mom's death will be here in just a few days.  I always wonder how it is that time flies so quickly.  This past year has truly been a whirlwind event.

This approaching anniversary reminds me of others who have experienced losses and how it is such an incredibly difficult time in one's life when you lose a loved one.

 I can't help but be reminded of my sympathy thank you store at this time which caters to those who have lost a loved one.  I've been feeling a little sad about this store lately too, because there are so many people who are copying my format and I don't want to lose my sense of purpose.

 I created my sympathy thank you store as a labor of love because I wanted to do something for people who had lost a loved one.   I don't crank out tons of designs because I don't have time and because I just don't want to create a store like that -- for me all my designs are about the heart.  I want to create heartfelt designs for people when their hearts are at a low point.  I create each design myself and all the words on designs come from my heart.  For me it is about doing something which gives purpose to my life.

So at this anniversary time I am hoping purpose will be restored for me and I will continue to create designs that the customers will appreciate at this difficult time in their lives.

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